Tamler Sommers—Master Podcaster!

Hey, did you know that Honors College philosophy prof Tamler Sommers has a wonderfully irreverent podcast?  Not only is it stimulating and highly entertaining—it’s also getting a LOT of notice!  As in nearly half a million downloads in little over a year!  Wouldn’t you like to listen to two clever dudes take a witheringly frank look at human morality? They touch upon psychological research, famous philosophers, films, dogs…and in language that, at times, you might not want your grandmother to hear.

It’s called Very Bad Wizards, and features Sommers with psychologist David Pizarro, and often includes guests who are notable philosophers and researchers.

Don’t you want to get in on this before it goes MEGA and EVERYONE knows about it? You still have the hipster edge on this one.

Check it out:



It’s available on iTunes, where it’s ranked among the top 10 philosophy podcasts!

Go check out the Honors College’s very own podcast rock star.  Better yet, take another one of his classes!

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Associate Professor of Classical Studies The Honors College at the University of Houston
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