A Compulsion for Antiquity: Freud and the Ancient World (Cornell UP, 2005; paperback edition, Cornell UP 2006), an attempt to contextualize Freud’s life and work in relation to his interests in ancient culture. ISBN 13: 978-0-8014-4302-2 (cloth), ISBN 13: 978-0-8014-7333-3 (paperback).


Books in Progress (under contract):

With Alexandra Lianeri, A Companion to Translation of Classical Epic, (under contract with Wiley-Blackwell). Forthcoming 2019.

Theory and Theatricality: Greek Drama in the Age of Grand Hysteria. (Under contract with Oxford UP, series Theory and Classics).

The Interpretation of Dreams: A Reader’s Guide (under contract with Routledge).

Edited Volume:

Remusings: Essays on the Translation of Classical Poetry, special edition of Classical and Modern Literature 27.1, Spring 2007 [appeared 2008].

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“From Iconology to Archaeology: Freud after Charcot,” special edition of Imago, forthcoming Winter 2021.

“Anachronism and its Discontents: Philology and its Others,” a response to Vered Lev Kenaan’s The Ancient Unconcious (Oxford UP, 2019), Syndicate. 2020

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Performance Review:

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Latin Poetry:

“Versus de autumno pluviali atque aestuoso, sive Vae Hustoniensibus!” Vox Latina 39 (2003): 142-143.

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