The Overtime Theater in San Antonio

If you’re heading over to San Antonio, you might want to check out the Overtime Theater’s productions—voted 5 years running the “best theater company in San Antonio.”

I was there a while back to see The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton by Rachel Joseph, an amazingly kinetic piece put on by the most passionate company I’ve seen in a while. I reviewed the work for Theatre Journal, and that review is now available here.

They also did a production of Plautus’ Haunted House, adapted by my colleague Tom Jenkins.  It was directed by Kyle Gillette of Trinity U, who did an awesome glam rock version of the Bacchae a few years ago. There’s clearly a “classics with a twist” theme going on over there.

So if you’re wanting to hang out near The Pearl and do something utterly different, make sure to check it out.

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